PILLAR TOOLS® 3169A Heavy-Duty Large Alloy Secateurs

PILLAR TOOLS® 3169A Heavy-Duty Large Alloy Secateurs

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PILLAR TOOLS® 3169A Heavy-Duty Alloy Secateurs - large handle

Strong enough in every direction – the toughest secateurs you'll ever own! The no-frills professional, heavy-duty fixed-handle secateur. Featuring an extremely robust, yet lightweight design. With a drop-forged alloy body and handle. 

Ideal for heavy-duty pruning and close proximity forward cutting.


• Upper Blade: Razor sharp, high-carbon SK5 steel. Non-stick coating with black heat-treated finish.

• Lower Blade: Mid-carbon S50C drop-forged steel. Resin spill groove, polished finish.

• Size: Large – 230mm

• Opening: 25mm

• Handles/Body: Drop-forged heat-treated aluminium alloy, with anodized finish. Ergonomic fit.

• Stop Buffer: Neoprene buffer for smooth and softer landing after each cutting action.

• One hand metal lockable safety lock.

• Designed for forward close-to-wire proximity cutting, especially popular within the Viticulture and Kiwi Fruit industries.

• Weight: 262gms

• Available Spare Parts: Top Blade, Spring, Pivot Bolt Assembly, Buffer.

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