Morrison Boxer 2n1 Lawn Mower

Morrison Boxer 2n1 Lawn Mower


Morrison Boxer 2n1 Lawn Mower

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Morrison mower that can cut, catch and mulch. With comfortable upturned upper handle. 

  • Cut, Catch & Mulch

  • Powered by AL-KO 159cc OHV IC Auto Choke 4 Stroke engine*

  • Auto Choke - engine starts easily whether cold or hot and is ready to use immediately

  • Cast iron sleeve in cylinder for increased engine life

  • 460mm (18") steel plate chassis

  • Unique twin blade system with a swing-back feature to protect the crankshaft from damage if the mower should strike a solid object

  • Front 175mm (7") and Rear 200mm (8") adjustable dual bearing wheels

  • Comfortable upturned upper handle

  • Reinforced lower handle for added strength

  • Camlocks for quick release handle fold down

  • HDPE Plastic Catcher

  • Zone start for comfortable starting position

  • *AL-KO specified engine as used on AL-KO mowers in Europe

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