Solo Eurosystems Evo 2+1 Rotary Tiller

Solo Eurosystems Evo 2+1 Rotary Tiller

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This is a medium-sized garden tiller/cultivator powered by a Briggs & Stratton 208cc 4 stroke petrol engine. It is perfectly suitable for all those agricultural works which require a small-medium difficulty level and it is also known to be highly effective in tilling medium to large areas. This is also a powerful tiller suitable for many home, or lifestyle block garden jobs. It is used for breaking up the topsoil in order to prepare for seeding or planting, turning over the soil, working in compost or fertiliser or making it soft and ready for the vege patch The cutters are able to dig deeper into the ground making the process extremely easy and fast, without requiring hard physical effort. This sturdy garden tiller is designed and manufactured in Italy and will give many years of service.  

Some assembly required.

• Easy start Briggs & Stratton 208cc  4 stroke engine

• Heavy duty gear box drive

• Evo series machine has the tines directly below the engine to give more positive tilling & hoeing capability

• Made in Italy

• 2 year domestic warranty

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