Stihl BGA100 Cordless Blower c/w Waistband Battery Holster & Cable Kit inc Battery & Charger
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Stihl BGA100 Cordless Blower c/w Waistband Battery Holster & Cable Kit inc Battery & Charger


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Comes with AP Holster, AP connector cable, AP300 Battery, AL300 charger & BGA100 blower

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Stihl BGA100 Cordless Blower – Including Tool Skin, waist belt holster, cable, AP300 Battery & AL300 Charger

The easy to operate Stihl BGA100 cordless blower is convenient to use as a high powered essential tool around the house, school, commercial property or warehouse. Where low noise and high power are needed. With no emissions this suits both indoor and outdoor users.

The BGA100 can be operated with either a belt holster held battery OR the backpack AR3000 battery pack. No power cord means all Stihl cordless tools are unbeatable in terms of mobility. All the Stihl cordless tools use interchangeable batteries and chargers, so one battery and charger can be used on multiple tools. This kit comes with the Stihl AP belt & cable kit, plus AP300 battery & AL300 charger. If you already have any AP series Stihl tools the battery & charger will suit.

Ideal for home and hobby users around the domestic property, or for schools, hospitals, apartments, warehouses, garages and more.


• 36 volt Lithium-Ion PRO battery technology

• EC electric motor for greater efficiency and power conversion

• Variable blowing speeds

• Net weight only 2.5kg excluding battery

• Safety lock on trigger to prevent accidental use

• Compatible with all Stihl 36v batteries

• 840m2 air volume throughput per hour maximum

• Comes with Recommended battery AP300 (backpack AP3000 also available)

• Easy to view power-cell status on battery

• 3 stage motor speed with air volume boost

• 2 year domestic warranty


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