Stihl SG11 Manual Sprayer 1.5Litre

Stihl SG11 Manual Sprayer 1.5Litre

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Stihl SG11 Manual Sprayer 1.5Litre

A quality Italian made, Stihl compact sprayer. Convenient, easy-to-use and constructed with lightweight materials, the versatile SG 11 manual, handheld multipurpose sprayer is great for the garden, or farm. Use it to mist or spray liquid fertilizers, pesticides and disease-controlling chemicals with precision. The SG 11 features a translucent tank for managing liquid levels as well as a non-adjustable hollow cone nozzle. No matter where you need it, this compact sprayer will help you get up close when protecting your plants.


• 1.5 litre capacity

• 29 psi +/- 10% working pressure

• Handles up to 30ºC liquids

• Adjustable nozzle

• Lightweight, only 0.46kg

• Thumb operated pressure release valve

• 2 year warranty

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