Yamaha EF7200E 6.0kVA Electric Start Generator

Yamaha EF7200E 6.0kVA Electric Start Generator


Genuine Yamaha EF7200E - electric start

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Yamaha EF7200E 6.0kVA Key Start Generator with "economy idle"

Get the real deal – genuine Yamaha unit with the advantage of an "inverter style" low economy idle feature for improved fuel economy. For an alternator style generator, with lower noise & an idle option this will suit many options where a smaller inverter is just not powerful enough, or where a construction style alternator is just too load & fuel hungry. Made by the innovators, not the imitators. Industrial strength, heavy duty generators for home or business power back up, tradespeople, builders, construction sites, lighting, power tools, most small or hand held mains powered equipment. The EF7200E can provide up to 14.7 hours of operation without refuelling (at 1/4 load). 

Ideal for house hold emergency power supply, farms, life-style blocks, construction companies, builders and more.


• 6.0kVA maximum (6000w) AC output (5000watts continuous)

• Weight 93kg and fully framed for easy portability

• Quiet operation (71dB(A)) @ workstation

• Electric starting with key as well as normal pull start back up

• Much greater fuel economy with economy idle system

• Now with long range fuel tanks (28 litre) – continuous operating hours 14.7 hours (max.) on one tank of gas @ 1/4 load

• AC 230v 5.0kVA Rated 50hZ – 21.7amp

• Dimensions (LxWxH) 670 x 535 x 565mm 

• Cleaner power supply with quality AVR control

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