Chainsaw Sharpening Files (One Dozen)

Chainsaw Sharpening Files (One Dozen)

Choose file size (box of 12):
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Chainsaw Sharpening Files (One Dozen) 

Chainsaw sharpening files for hand sharpening and touch-up sharpening of chainsaws chain. Files supplied will either be OREGON, VALLORBE or PFERD, depending on supplier's stock. If you prefer one particular brand, please specify on the pull-down menu.

Four file sizes to choose from – sold in boxes of 12 files.

  1. 3/16 to fit .325 pitch chains (4.8mm)

  2. 5/32 to fit 3/8 LP, 91SP, Picco chains (4.0mm)

  3. 13/64 to fit full size 3/8 pitch super chisel (5.2mm)

  4. 7/32 to fit the common full size 3/8 pitch and .404 pitch (5.5mm)

If you are unsure which file size you need or require any more information, please contact us




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