Honda WT30XK4 3.0
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Honda WT30XK4 3.0" Trash Pump

$2,499.00 Reg. Price $2,599.00   You Save $100.00

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Honda WT30X 3.0" Trash Pump

The Honda WT30X 3 inch diameter trash pump is a solid construction or industrial pump for transfer of water or debris laden fluids. An ideal unit for transfer of dirty water, flood debris, slurry, effluents & water with sediment debris etc.

Ideal for drainage contractors, farm & lifestyle block owners, horticultural users, Civil Defence, builders, emergency services, municipalities, water delivery etc.


  • Engine: Honda GX240 8hp 4-stroke

  • Weight: 60.0kg

  • 3.0 inch diameter (maximum debris size of 30mm)

  • Total head (meters max.) 27

  • Suction head (meters max.) 8

  • Litres per minute Max. 1210 (73,000 litres/hour)

  • Framed with carry handle

  • Debris size (max.) 25mm - 30mm

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 660x495x515mm

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