Winland 3103A Rotating Handle Secateur

Winland 3103A Rotating Handle Secateur

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Winland Tools 3103A Rotating Handle Secateur

Built with advanced ergonomic fatigue reduction and forward cutting design. The lower rotating handle grip moves with your fingers as each cut is made. This helps to prevent blisters, reduce fatigue and decrease repetitive strain injury (RSI). 

Ideal for heavy-duty pruning, with the advantage of a lower rotating handle – easing the possible onset of RSI.


• Upper Blade: Replaceable razor sharp blade. High carbon SK5 steel. Hard chrome plated.

• Lower Blade: Mid-carbon S50C drop-forged steel. Hard chrome plated. Resin spill groove. 

• Size: 215mm – Medium / Large fit

• Opening: 23mm ~ 25mm (adjustable)

• Weight: 293gms

• Handles / Body: Forged Alloy anodized finish with heavy duty PVC grips. Ergonomic fit.

• Lower Handle: Industrial bush bearing, balanced rotating PVC handle.

• Stop Buffer: Neoprene buffer for smooth and softer landing after each cutting action.

• Designed for forward close-to-wire proximity cutting, especially useful within the Viticulture and Kiwi Fruit industries.

• Spare Parts: Top Blade, Spring, Pivot Bolt Assembly, Buffer.

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