Stihl KM-BG CombiSystem Blower Attachment
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Stihl KM-BG CombiSystem Blower Attachment

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Stihl BG-KM CombiSystem Blower Attachment

Designed to fit any of the four STIHL KM series power heads (KM55, KM56, KM85, KM90, KM94, KM110, KM130), to form a hand held garden or yard blower. The high powered turbo cyclonic fans generate a huge force of air for moving garden debris, leaves, trash, dust, grit etc from around your yard, garage, business or school.

Ideal for domestic or commercial users.


• Multi-turbo fan impellors

• Simple to operate connection system

• high force direct nozzle for greater air velocity and air control

• Very light 1.8kg

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