Silky Tsuguri 300mm Tree Surgery Saw
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Silky Tsuguri 300mm Tree Surgery Saw

Available in medium and large teeth size
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Silky Tsurugi 300mm Ultra-Narrow Professional Pruning Saw

With surgical precision you can use the Silky Tsurugi pruning saw to trim & prune branches cleanly and efficiently. Professional, heavy-duty saw with 300mm ultra-strong mono-constructed blade. Curved-back handle adds depth and strength. Mono construction gives strength and flexibility to the full length of the saw. The 300mm length, ultra thin blade is hard chrome plated making it resistant to resin from trees and corrosion. 

To minimize the risk for binding, the blade is taper ground (thicker at the tooth edge, thinner at the back of the blade) to allow for fast and aggressive cutting. The teeth have been expertly sharpened and set, and can be re-sharpened and reset when needed.

The saw comes with a custom scabbard equipped with a strap attachment.

Ideal for cutting small to medium sized logs and branches. This saw is excellent for tight, constricted work and precision cutting. 


• Chrome plated blade  

• Medium precision cut tooth pattern - 10 teeth per 30mm (8.5tpi)

• Custom designed sheath included

• 300mm length blade

• Straight blade with narrow point tip

• The blade can be sharpened with a file

• Non-slip rubber handle is very easy to grip

• Made in Japan - genuine Silky 

• Perfectly balanced, rugged, one piece construction 

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