How to choose the correct sized Generator

How to choose the correct sized Generator

To calculate the capacity required you need to know the wattage or amperage of the appliances you wish to use. You can easily calculate the total wattage (or kVA) required by using the method below.

• Make a list of all the implements/appliances which will run together at any one time.

• Divide this list into two categories:
1) All items with an electric motor (eg. Powertools, Vacuum Cleaners etc) and 2) All items without an electric motor (eg. TV, radio, lights, heaters etc).

• The total wattage required will be the total of group (1) added up with an additional 100-200% for motor start up current draw plus the total of group (2).

• Your answer is the total wattage that will be needed.

• An example is, to run a 1000w Vacuum Cleaner and a 100w light and a 500w computer will be (1000+ at least 100% extra = 2000watts) + 100watts + 500watts = 2600w. Therefore you will need a Generator capable of delivering at least 2.6kVA (2600watts capability).

For larger current draw motors, such as on water pumps or tools & appliances with motor brakes you will need to add potentially 300% extra.

If you are unsure, or need to check you have chosen the correct model of Generator for your application, please CONTACT US directly. If you can provide current start up of the item/items you wish to use it would help.

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