Stihl RE109 Electric Water Blaster

Stihl RE109 Electric Water Blaster

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Stihl RE109 Electric Water Blaster


The reliable STIHL RE109 electric water blaster is packed with features & built to be a durable & reliable tool that will last the test of time. The STIHL RE109 electric is a compact water blaster of far better quality than the department store throw away machines.

IDEAL FOR: domestic & household users. Washing jobs around the home, or cars, decks, paths, patios etc.

  • Motor power - 230volt - 1700watt (1.7kwatt) output

  • Maximum working pressure - 110bar - 1595psi

  • Max. Water Throughput - 6.3 litres per minute

  • Dry weight - very light @ 15.0kg

  • Complete with - adjustable pressure nozzle, turbo rotary nozzle, detergent dispensing bottle


    • Cleaning kit & brush

    • Rotary brush

    • Extension hoses

    • RA101 patio (wide area) cleaner


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