Tecomec Super Jolly Professional Chainsaw Grinder c/w Hydraulic Assist

Tecomec Super Jolly Professional Chainsaw Grinder c/w Hydraulic Assist


With automatic hydraulic clamping mechanism.

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Tecomec Super Jolly Professional Chain Saw Bench Grinder with Hydraulic Assist Clamp


A great grinder for the home, farm or workshop user. For accurate sharpening of all chainsaw chain types. The Italian made Tecomec sharpener will speed up production and productivity at home or in the busiest workshop. This unit has all the features of our most popular bench grinder, plus a built in 'hydraulic assist'ù that closes the chain vice automatically each time the motor and wheel are lowered. This eliminates manual locking and unlocking of the chain vice. When the grinding head is lowered, the chain is automatically clamped by the hydraulic assist system, reducing steps required and allowing the operator to index chain faster. Sharpening time can be reduced as much as 40%!

Ideal for contractors, builders, workshops, sharpening services, farm or around the home workshop.


• Powered by 240volt 214w

• 2800rpm no load speed

• Adjustable angle plate for accurate sharpening

• Bench mounting

• Complete with 3 sizes of grinding wheels to suit all chain types

• Comes with dressing stone

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