Oregon 410230 Deluxe Electric Chainsaw Grinder

Oregon 410230 Deluxe Electric Chainsaw Grinder

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OREGON 410230 Deluxe Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

A great grinder for the home, farm or workshop user. Accurately sharpens all chainsaw chain types. Will speed up production and productivity at home or in the busiest workshop.

Idea for: contractors, builders, workshops, sharpening services, farm or around the home workshop.


• A compact alternative to full-size bench grinders, delivering precision results within a very small space.

• Comes with 4.7mm and 3.20mm grinding stones – sharpens 3/8 full pitch & .404 pitch as well as smaller pitch 3/8LP & .325 pitch chains

• Electrical specifications: single-phase, 230V-AC, 50 Hz, 220 Watt

• Includes 6.00mm flat grinding disc for doing chain depth gauges

• Includes dressing stone, stone shaping gauge tool and instruction book

• Features include a swiveling bed for precision sharpening for all full chisel and semi chisel chains. The chain vise on this machine inverts to give the effect of the file “tilting” which is needed when correctly sharpening full chisel, square ground and ripping/milling chains.



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